Whether you’ve only marketed your business digitally or never marketed at all, you will eventually ask yourself the question (if you haven’t already), “Are paid online ads and email enough?”

You probably don’t click on every single ad you see when you’re online, do you? And you probably don’t open every email that every marketer sends you, right? (We certainly thank you for opening this one.)

Your prospects probably aren’t much different than you. They might even make liberal use of a spam folder and ad-blocking software.

It’s hard to be absolutely sure, unless they somehow contact you and move the sales cycle ahead.

But one thing’s for sure: postal mailboxes don’t have spam filters or pop-up blockers, so direct mail has a much higher degree of certainty of receipt; you can be sure that your prospect is seeing your promotion.

And it doesn’t stop there. It’s been scientifically proven that you get a much higher rate of response with direct mail. A U.S. Postal Service-sponsored study which found that postcards generate a more significant and lasting effect than digital marketing methods: 79% of recipients respond immediately, as opposed only 45% of email recipients.

We could toss out more pro-direct mail stats but let’s get on to the reason you began reading—five great ideas for your first postcard campaign:

1.) The Introducer

This is for new businesses or a new location or office. It’s the “Hey, here we are!” card. An introduction postcard may be the first exposure a prospect has of you, so it should be straightforward about what you do, where you located and how your prospect benefits from choosing you. And even though it’s just supposed to be an introduction, you do want them to respond, right? So remember to present an offer.

2.) Dollars Off

Whether you’re trying to win back customers who’ve gone astray or just generate more business from existing customers, you can’t lose with a discount offer. But according to one study, you’ll win more if you express your discount in dollars, rather than in a percentage. Specifically, dollar amounts (“Get $1 off,” “Take $50 of your next order,” “Here’s $20!” etc.) were consistently found to perform twice as well as a percentage discount.

3.) Thank You!

According to a 2014 survey, 53% of U.S. consumers will take their business elsewhere when they feel unappreciated or taken for granted.

You’re a customer too, so you know how it feels. Don’t be that guy (or girl). Remember to send a direct mail thank you note when customers make a significant purchase or reach a new customer milestone.

4.) Rewards Program

Think of a rewards program postcard as being a Dollars Off-Thank You! combo. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Decide what qualifies a customer for a reward (discount, something free, etc.) and, if you’re using marketing automation, you can set it up to recognize the signals and trigger a new card informing of their discount or freebie.

5.) The Happy Holiday Postcard 

During Christmas and New Years, people anticipate receiving cards in the mail from family and friends. All this attention on the mailbox set up the perfect conditions to send out your own warm holiday greeting. And definitely put the emphasis on the greeting. Wish them a wonderful holiday. Thank them for their business. And then, almost as an afterthought, present them with an irresistible offer or holiday discount.


Did this post give you some ideas for your first (or next) postcard campaign? Here’s another great idea: you can design your card right now, and handle the printing and mailing, all from the comfort of your computer, by logging on to www.prospectsplus.com/pei.

And if you want to hear some more great postcard marketing ideas, give Opportunity Knocks at call at 1 (866) 319-7109, and talk to one of our design and marketing pros about your business. They’ll handle the job from design to mailing and help you get powerful results.


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