Would you like your business to expand this year?

We are going to tell you the fastest, easiest way to accomplish that. Now, we realize that some people reading this will probably roll their eyes. Those people are not ready for this information. They unfortunately are going to have to struggle a bit longer, their companies growing very slowly, before this information really hits home and they realize that it’s what they need to do.

But others reading this will have a moment of recognition. It will wash over them like the warmth you feel when you step out into the sunlight. For some, the realization will take their breath away for a moment. Time might even feel as if it’s standing still. These people have reached that critical point when they could see the truth in this information and finally know what they need to do to keep their companies growing.

It sounds a bit mystical, doesn’t it?

It is.

The Ideal Circumstances

After that big build-up, we fear we may disappoint a few people with what we’re about to say, but here it is: If your current postcard is not performing very well, this information won’t do much for you.

First, it’s a necessary circumstance that you mail our your postcards regularly and repeatedly; you’re not expecting marketing miracles on one mailing per year.

But if you’re sending out a substantial number of cards every week or month and your ROI is for the dogs, this information won’t change  your situation appreciably.

If you can at the very least say that your current postcard is producing “not great, but acceptable ROI,” then you’re still in a great position.

And if your card is doing great, you’re in the ideal circumstances under which to benefit from the information which we’re going to get into…

…Right now.

Here it comes: mail out twice as many cards as you’re currently mailing.

(Trust us, we hear those eyes rolling…)

This is the concept of scaling up: your current card produces a certain amount of ROI. Sending out more of it will produce more income.

Yes, it is as easy as that.

This is one of the most difficult points for us to get people to think with. No offense, but it’s almost too simple a concept for some business owners to accept: the more marketing communications you mail out, the more response—leads, income, etc.—you get.

“But We Already Mail to Our Entire List…”

There are plenty more people out there who are just like your current customers.

They need and want your product or service. You can use Neighborhood Radius Marketing to reach more of them in your geographic are. Or take advantage of Big Data with a service like Nielsen Prizm Data to reach more prospects who think and feel the same way as your ideal customer, regardless of location.

The Alternative

You could try and squeeze more response out the same-sized mailing by tweaking the design of your current card and doing endless rounds of A-B testing of the headline, the image, the call to action.

And it’s true: A-B testing is valid and can make a huge difference in your ROI but it’s not fast and it’s not easy. (Remember, the title of this post is “The Fastest, Easiest Way to 2x, 3x—Even 4x Your Postcard Marketing Results,” okay?)

Tweaking and testing (or hiring a designer with experience in your industry) is for those people whose card is producing lousy, embarrassingly low ROI.

“Of Course You Guys Would Say That…

…you’re in the postcard business.” We were waiting for someone to bring that up. True, we are in the postcard marketing business but that doesn’t mean what we’re saying isn’t true.

All you have to do to prove it to yourself is try it and see. We’d be shocked if you didn’t see a notable increase in ROI, commensurate with your increase in output.

So, if you’ve got a card that producing acceptable results and you’re in a hurry to expand your company, take the fast and easy route: double, triple or quadruple the number of postcards you’re now sending. The more you marketing postcards you send out, the more response, leads, and income you get.

When you log on to www.prospectsplus.com/pei, you can duplicate your existing design and get access to Neighborhood Radius Marketing and Nielsen Prizm, to expand your mailing list. And you can handle the mailing too—all from your own computer.

If you’re short on time, give Opportunity Knocks a call at 1 (866) 319-7109 and we can take care of all the details. And if you’re in the “embarrassingly low ROI” group, we can definitely design a card that will increase your ROI. And you know what to do next…


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