Most businesses understand that targeted marketing is more effective than a scattered approach. 

One type of targeted marketing that may be especially effective for your business is radius marketing. Radius marketing, also known as neighborhood marketing, targets prospects in specific neighborhoods.

Why use radius marketing?

While some target marketing allows to you to market to a demographic by age, gender, income, or whether they have children, radius marketing uses a critical element a group of people directly have in common – their neighborhood.

You may have heard, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”  This means that it is already known, statistically, that people of similar age, income levels and education tend to gather in the same neighborhoods. So why is this an effective marketing strategy?

  1. Neighbors often have similar needs and buying habits.
  2. Neighbors also talk to one another, often mentioning a product or service they are happy with.
  3. For some business, like home improvement companies, other neighbors can see their work completed and say “WOW! That looks great!”
  4. You can give the appearance that you are the expert in the neighborhood. You can even cater your marketing message that way.
  5. For retail, restaurants and health clubs, distance to your facility matters. Target neighborhoods within close proximity to your business.
  6. When you get a sale in a neighborhood, you can reference that address, letting people know you will be working in that neighborhood.

Going after this low-hanging fruit is one of the smartest marketing moves you can make.

So how do you do it?

There are a variety of ways you can reach out to these potential customers. Yard signs with your company logo and contact info provide easy access for anyone who might be interested in your services. You can even attach a plastic holder with brochures to provide additional info. It also tells the neighborhood that their neighbor trusted you to do this work, and that reflects well on your company.

Door hangers can also get your message out. Consider it a follow up to the yard sign. Spread out for a mile or two in radius to people who may not see your yard sign. Include your logo, contact info, and a call to action offer.

Next, this is also the perfect time for postcard marketing. Send a postcard to prospects in the neighborhood or zip code as another way of helping your business create top-of-mind awareness.  It’s something that comes directly to them and they can keep handy for when they need it. You might even consider a perforated business card or refrigerator magnet included on the mailer that they can tear off and keep in their wallet or on the fridge for quick reference.

Prior to launching your postcards, you’ll want to visit our MapMyMail page to research your neighborhoods.

Hope that gives you some insights into why neighborhood marketing is so effective.

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