The most experienced marketers know that matching your marketing message to your specific audience is an often overlooked strategy that when implemented correctly can produce tremendous results.

Let’s take a second and think about it at a very basic level…if you’re an insurance agent that specializes in auto policies to new drivers, you would want your mailing list to target parents with children in the household who have an upcoming 16th or 17th birthday (depending on the state law).  Then your postcard would need to be designed with images of concerned parents and teenagers and messaging that the parents can relate to.

By now, you have probably heard the term “Big Data.”  The newest IBM commercials during spring golf tournaments seem to be making it a household name.  However, before big data started becoming popular, matching your message to your market was a strategy that was often more speculation than real science.

Now I know what you’re thinking…I need IBM to help me do this? NO. (Sorry I scared you!)

Here’s the good news.  With the advance of data research and the team at Nielson Media Group, PRIZM Data makes finding those customer segments a whole lot easier!  As leaders in the direct mail marketing space, we are excited to offer these laser targeted data segments to our insurance agents to help make their marketing easier – and more effective.

So what is PRIZM Segmentation?  According to Nielson, “Segmentation links your customer data with household-level and neighborhood-level demographics, syndicated survey and primary research data to reveal exactly what types of consumers are currently using your products or services. Any customer files, lists or survey data with complete addresses or at least a ZIP Code can be coded with Nielsen’s segmentation systems. This allows you to identify your best prospect segments with the greatest efficiency for effective marketing strategies that align with marketplace demands.”

Or check out this one minute video to get a sneak peek.

Smart right?  So what does that mean to YOU as an Insurance Agent?  Marketing just got more interesting…(and more effective!)  For example, you can actually execute that new driver auto campaign with just a few clicks of a mouse vs months of research.

Here’s another example, you may want to target folks like baby boomers or as Nielson categorizes them, “New Empty Nests” or “Beltway Boomers”, who might have an interest in downsizing their larger family homes now that the kids are grown. Starting to see how this can work for you as well?

If you want to have some fun, it’s time put your “Mad Scientist of the Insurance World” hat on download the Prizm selects here.  From the basic – High income consumers, renters, baby boomers, etc. to the customized PRIZM selects – you can find the folks you most want to work with.

For a great resource to help you use launch a laser targeted postcard campaign using postcard designs matched with Prizm segmented lists Click Here.

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