It’s that time of year again where legions of fans from coast to coast get their game on and answer to the battle cry – “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?”

Even if you’re not a fan, you have to appreciate their enthusiasm-right?  You also should appreciate the excellent opportunity to get your name, contact information and offer into the hands (and on the refrigerators) of local fans in your market ALL SEASON LONG with fun, game-changing football schedule cards!

These handy handouts are many business owner’s favorite this time of year. Why?  Because they are TIMELY and results producing – and most importantly, consumers keep them, share them and sometimes even ask for more!  They are great way to be remembered and considered a resource.  And that is a winning combination in today’s competitive market.

Here’s three ways business’s are using these terrific football schedule postcard tools:

  1. They’re mailing them to their current or past customer lists.  That keeps them top of mind with the clients and prospects that they are most focused on gaining business and referrals from.
  2. They’re ordering MAGNETIC versions of them.  Then either hand-delivering them to a geographic area, target mailing list or simply placing in envelopes with a note to their best customers.
  3. They’re using them as “freebees.” The magnetic versions of these are best – but a printed shell postcard does the trick as well for great giveaways at open houses, local coffee shops, community events and even local businesses that you’re networked in.  It’s a win-win!

Affordable, timely and simple-to-order, you’re certain to score big with those in your market area with these football-friendly tools!  So if you’re ready for some football – and some referrals – click here to see the wide spectrum of game-day team schedules!

Also, if you want to save 10% on your postcard order – please visit our Specials Page to find your corresponding code.  We even have a special code for ordering the cards with the magnetized backs! See them all here.



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