What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

The United States Postal Service began a program called Every Door Direct Mail in 2011 designed to make it inexpensive for small business owners to perform saturation mailings.  EDDM allows you to promote events, offer coupons, announce sales and online promotions, send thanks, and build new customers in your target area at the lowest possible price.

The EDDM Retail Option

The USPS offers two different options for the EDDM program: EDDM Retail and EDDM BMEU. When using the retail option, a business can send a mail or postcard without the need to address each piece individually or obtaining a permit for the targeted area. Your business can use this program to select the carrier routes of your targeted market and generate the necessary paperwork for the mailing. Your business can send up to 5,000 pieces of mail per day, having filled out the required postal forms and labeling.

The EDDM BMEU Option

BMEU is the Business Mail Entry Unit. The BMEU option allows for larger businesses that already have a mailer’s permit for payment and tracking. With this option, businesses are not limited to sending 5,000 pieces a day, and BMEU is also able to offer greater flexibility regarding the type of qualifying mail pieces. For postcard marketing the most important reason for choosing EDDM BMEU is the higher volumes one can send daily.

The Benefits of EDDM

Aside from the tremendous benefit of not requiring an address list or incurring the additional costs of addressing each mail piece, you’ll realize great savings on postage costs with EDDM, since EDDM averages just $0.175 per piece. Your mail piece will be delivered by the letter carrier with the day’s mail on whichever carrier route(s) you select. Your business can benefit from targeting every address easily, reducing production costs, and simplifying the process of mailing.

How Do I Know if EDDM Is the Right Choice?

EDDM works best for businesses that need to target a specific area rather than a specific demographic. For example, if you own a donut shop in a particular area and you want to get coupons or a grand opening message out to the surrounding area, EDDM saturation mailings may be your best approach. However, if you’re a business that wants to target retirees who are interested in traveling, EDDM may not be the best use of your business’s investment because you need to invest in targeting a very specific audience. When EDDM is the right choice for your business, you’ll appreciate the significant savings and convenience this program offers.

Who Uses Every Door Direct Mail?

Consider EDDM for inviting customers to a grand opening, sending out coupons, announcing special events, highlighting your business hours and services you offer, or simply thanking customers for their ongoing business. EDDM has proven to be a good fit for a variety of businesses, including restaurants, auto dealers, health care professionals, home improvement companies, pharmacies, clothing stores, coffee shops and flower shops. It’s certainly worth considering for your next postcard marketing campaign.

To find out if your business is a candidate for Every Door Direct Mail, contact us today at 877-222-6010.  We’ll be happy to spend a few minutes helping you make the right call.  Or to learn more about EDDM and even explore mailing routes on a map CLICK HERE.


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