If you are not getting the kind of response or ROI you want from your postcard campaigns, it’s an indication that you need to inject something powerful into your copy. Keep reading to find out what to add to give that extra “little kick” that causes customers to buy now.


In a recent post on this very blog, we talked about the reasons you must present offers to your customers. To capsulize that post, people who receive advertisements in the mail expect to be presented with an offer. The offer tells them what they are supposed to do. A percentage of them will do it.

Contrast that with an advertisement from a business that contains no offer. You can expect that a percentage of them will do nothing. You could expect that percentage to be 100 percent.

So, we’ve established that you must present an offer.

Irresistible Offers

In a less recent post on this blog, we discussed how to create offers that your customers can’t resist. It consists of five ways to keep making an offer better and better until the customer feels they would be foolish to not buy.

If you routinely present offers, you’re doing great. If you routinely present irresistible offers, you’re ahead of the pack.

Even More Irresistible

Urgency is the “rocket fuel” you can inject into your offer to make even more irresistible…and that translates into more sales, now.

You want to customer to want your offer but to push them over the edge—to get them to actually buy—you sometimes have to give them the idea that if they hesitate, they lose out.

There is a multitude of ways to put urgency into your copy but they all fall under the category of creating the impression of scarcity. And that scarcity is usually expressed in one or both of two ways:

  • Specify a date in your copy when the offer ends. Then reiterate it throughout the copy: in your headline (“Get 50% Off for Three Days Only”), body copy (“…but you’ve got to act before Thursday.”) and in your call to action too (“Act now—off ends on 7/5/17.”)
  • Limited number. It’s scarcity of opportunity: “Only 12 spots available,” “Only five at this price,” “We’re looking to take on only three new clients…” and similar

But if you say there’s a deadline or a limited amount of something, stick to it. To do otherwise, you run the risk of insulting a customer’s intelligence (and wrecking your reputation) when they discover your urgency is a sham.


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