A recent GetResponse survey of B2B and B2C companies found that 58% intended to increase their email marketing spend in 2017.

It’s great news for online media agencies and email marketing services like GetResponse.

It’s also great news for companies that create and sell ad- and spam-blocking software, because the online advertising space is going to become even more crowded (Is that even possible?).

But the best news of all is for direct mail marketers because that space still provides sufficient room for you to be noticed.

In fact, bigger email marketing budgets or not, direct mail is alive and well and here’s five statistics that’ll make you feel even better about using it:

1. More People Trust It

Print in the Mix, a clearinghouse of media effectiveness and an advocate for the effectiveness of print marketing, found that 56% if consumers trust print marketing over any other marketing or advertising method. A U.S. Postal Service report said that people find direct mail more memorable and that it makes an emotional connection, among other things.

2. Even “Kids” Dig It

We tend to have fixed ideas about the younger generation (19 to 36 years old), such as that they are device-dependent. But the fact is that they value direct mail. According to Compu-Mail, 73 percent of millennials use coupons they received in direct mail to make purchases. Ninety percent of them would prefer to receive continuing promotions by postal mail. And 92 percent said that their purchase decisions were affected by direct mail, whereas only 78 percent were included by digital.

3. Response Rate 

A recent Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report showed that direct mail gets an average 3.7 percent response rate for marketers mailing to their own lists. Marketing to prospect lists produces a 1 percent response rate. But response rate is meaningless without knowing ROI, right? (Keep reading.) 

4. Return on Investment (ROI)

A 2016 InfoTrends survey found that 62 percent of people who received direct mail over the previous three months made a purchase. DMA found that the average ROI for a well-targeted direct mail campaign is between 18 and 20 percent.

5. The Cost of Acquiring a Customer

When it comes to the cost-per-acquisition (CPA), direct mail, at $19, beats most digital advertising methods: Internet display ads have a CPA of between $41 and $50 and paid search runs from $21 to $30.


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