Can you name all 10 ways postcards can save your business?

Don’t worry if you can’t, even we get tripped up sometimes. Plus, you have plenty else to worry about, which is why we made you a quick-reference list of the top 10 uses for postcard marketing – feel free to bookmark it!

Postcard marketing, after all, is such an incredibly cost effective means of capturing new customers and getting your name out there that you’re practically throwing away money if you’re not applying them to every part of your business!

The top 10 ways that postcard marketing can save you:
  1. Acquiring new customers– Postcards excel at bringing in new business for a variety of reasons but chief among them is the fact that people actually act on what they read. Research shows that 60% of people who see a postcard eventually take that action.
  1. Increasing your revenue and profit – Because postcard marketing is so cost effective, you both increase your profit and hack away at overhead. Brad Hollingsead, CEO of the Georgia-based landscaping business Partners with Nature, reduced his cost-per-new-customer from $12 with online ads to $2 with postcards. Basically, he saved 600% on marketing while still bringing in $22,000 in new business.

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  1. Drive store or website traffic – Consumers today are walking around with blinders on and even though your product might be perfect for them, they’re not paying attention. Postcards are proven to break through – people actually look forward to them – and you can drive traffic to your store or website.
  1. Promote events and special offers – Nothing catches attention like a brightly colored, well-designed mailing. Cut through the clutter and announce offers through the mail where people have no choice but to read them.
  1. Grand opening or relocation – Need to get the word out? There’s absolutely no better way on Earth to alert everyone within a target radius of your new opening than Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). It’s a partnership with the USPS who already knows everyone and where they live, and it drops a postcard onto every mailbox.
  1. Introduce products and services – Need to let both current and new customers know that you’ve got a new offering? Pack it all onto either a regular or jumbo-sized mailing with a hero-shot of that product in action. Limeberry Lumber announced their new home-installation service this way and saw a 10x return on their money, for a grand total of $55,000 in sales.
  1. Build community awareness – Postcards don’t always have to have a call to action. In fact, you can build a solid reputation as a community-minded business by promoting local events. (In the end though, this usually does help sales too.)
  1. Establish your expertise – People patronize businesses who they think know more than they do. Use postcards to deliver free tips and expertise and in turn, people will come buy from you when they need help.
  1. Develop new markets – Moving into a new market? Launching a new product line? Expanding your business? Soften those new targets with postcard mailings to drum up business and test the waters.
  1. Ward off competitors – People are sometimes attracted to what’s new and exciting and if you’ve got new competitors moving in on your territory, it pays to get your name out there and keep people talking about you.

Is this giving you good ideas? Put your marketing where your mouth is and use our web-to-print platform to send that postcard today!

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