Direct mail marketing, such as postcard marketing, provides the marketer (you) with direct insights into what works to create better response.

But it can be a lot of trial and error before you see your response increase. So, to save you loads of time, we’re going to show you a special short cut that’s guaranteed to increase response with your very next campaign.

And it’s only going to cost you two minutes of your time.

But there’s more… We’re also going to give you the sure-fire secret that makes fence-sitting prospects jump down onto your side of the fence with a smile!

All that—for just two minutes.

And right now, if you agree to spend those two minutes, you’ll receive a free bonus: the easy-but-oh-so-powerful tweak you can use to supercharge any and all of your direct marketing pieces from now on.

Ready to find out? Let’s go!

Did You “Buy?”

You’re still reading this. Excellent.

How did you feel by the time you read “Ready to find out?”

Were you more interested in “spending” your two minutes than you were when you started reading this article?

We’re going to guess you said “yes.”

Cool. Cooler. Really Cool.

When we said we’d give you short-cut to eliminate trial and error and increase response right away, you probably thought “Cool.” Spend two minutes to save untold amounts of time? Who wouldn’t?

But when we added in the “sure-fire secret,” it was even cooler. And then the bonus “powerful tweak,” all for the same two minutes? That’s really cool.

You were even more willing to spend your two minutes, weren’t you?

Structuring an offer this way has come to be referred to in direct marketing circles as “stacking the cool.” You take a good offer and stack another good offer on top, and then another. You make it so good, so valuable, that it’s irresistible—people know they’d be crazy to not buy it.

The Five Rules of Cool

Irresistible offers are the shortcut to greater response that was mentioned above.

To create them, follow these five rules:

  1. Be obvious. Show the prospect what the outcome of using your product or service is. Don’t try to be clever; just make it clear what it does. The late Billy Mays, pitching OxiClean, demonstrated over and over how it cleans and brightens without the hazards of bleach. (This is the “oh-so-powerful tweak” we mentioned earlier.)
  1. Use emotion. People don’t always buy for rational reasons so present an offer that fulfills a deep desire or eliminates a real pain for the prospect. Billy Mays didn’t focus on the chemistry of OxiClean but rather on how it was safe and easy to get results with.
  1. Increase credibility. There are three main ways to increase your credibility in your marketing, including customer testimonials and evidence of market dominance. If you’ve got it, highlight it to strengthen your offer.
  1. Start stacking. Increase the perceived value of your offer by adding extras or bonuses to make the offer irresistible. For people who “call now,” Billy Mays would cut the price in half and throw in a squirt bottle, a “super shammy,” and a spray bottle of “World Famous Orange Clean.” Then he’d increase “super-size” the OxiClean from two pounds to six.

Rather than being concerned about losing money by giving away free products or services, consider how much you’d give up to gain a new customer against that customer’s lifetime value to your company.

  1. Guarantee forever. Okay, maybe not forever but better than “30-day money-back guarantee.” Everyone’s heard it. It’s typical (and boring). Create a guarantee that’s another layer of cool on your already way cool offer. (This is that “sure-fire secret” we mentioned earlier.)


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