There are a lot of misconceptions about our world today, and a lot of ideas masquerading as “facts.” For example, do you think millennials prefer to read something or watch a video? Surprise, it’s reading. And what do you think wins more new customers, a million-dollar social media campaign or an old fashioned catalog? For brands like Burberry, it’s the catalog.

Needless to say, we could all use a little reality fact-check! Especially when it comes to direct mail, which has received a lot of press lately.

Here’s what the numbers say about it:

What you hear: direct mail is dead
The truth: Americans actually love getting mail
  1. 70% of Americans say snail mail is more personal than the Internet – Direct Marketing Association
  2. 56% of Americans say receiving mail is a real pleasure – DMA
  3. 98% of Americans check their mail daily – Entrepreneur

Despite all this talk of digital taking over, direct mail marketing is undergoing a renaissance. Consumers suffering from digital overload want opportunities to disconnect. For this reason and more, they actually love to receive direct mail!


What you hear: Everything important happens online nowadays
The truth: Americans spend so much time online that they’re sick of it

It’s no argument that Americans spend a lot of time on their screens:

  • Americans dedicate 10 hours per day to “screen time” – CNN
  • Americans spend 2 hours per day on social media – Adweek

And yet…

  • 85% of consumers suffer from banner blindness – Adotas
  • Only 1 in 2,000 people click on the average digital ad – Google
  • 90% of Americans are tired of staring at screens all day – Business Insider

Put simply, people are tired of being online and know better than to trust most things that they read on the internet! This unfortunately applies to most of your marketing there.


What you hear: The best way to get new customers is online
The truth: Mail is better for advertising than digital
  • Mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media – Canada Post
  • Consumers are 70% more likely to recall a brand name from a postcard than an online ad – Canada Post
  • Direct mail delivers a strong ROI of 15-17% – DMA
  • Direct mail outperforms digital by 600% – DMA

Americans want any excuse to put those screens down and experience something real – postcards and direct mail, for example, are striking, tactile, and satisfying, and endless studies prove that they’re far more effective at getting people to remember you, give you a call, and walk into your store.


The bottom line: Direct mail is the best way to reach your customers in the modern age!

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