Ahh, spring is in the air and the birds are chirping again. Or is it fall, and the leaves are changing colors? Or have the first flakes of snow now fallen and as you scrape across the icy sidewalk in your winter galoshes? (Or if you’re a Californian, you’re asking ‘what are seasons?’)

My point is that everyone notices when the seasons change. It’s universal, and it’s part of our biological clock.

Why am I going on about this? Am I merely waxing poetic about the changing of the seasons? Of course not! If you know Opportunity Knocks Marketing and this blog by now, it’s all about the marketing tips that can be gleaned from this insight. In this case, you can leverage the seasonality of your customer’s needs to better target them with postcard campaigns!

Why do seasons give us reasons?

The seasons can tell you a great deal about what people are going through, or about to go through, and you can thus appear to be downright prophetic in your recommendations to them. And as well all know, the more targeted you can be, the more effective you’ll be. In many cases, you can double your ROI on a campaign. According to Forbes, personalization can increase sales by as much as 10%. What would you do with that extra money?

Here is how our most successful customers align their marketing with the seasons:
  1. Spring cleaning: Once its springtime and the grasses are growing green, people are coming out of their proverbial winter caves and thinking about being outdoors again! This means that they’re pulling out last season’s clothes, trimming their yards, planning neighborhood gatherings, and anticipating full-blown summer. How can you best advertise to them?
  • Spring trips: For many, Spring Break is time to get out. Advertise trips, travel destinations, home alarm systems, and doggie day-care for while they’re gone!
  • Wardrobe changes: People want sun and it’s sure to leave it’s mark. They’ll need protection with hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and flip-flops. And on the flip-side, they no longer need their coats and skis, so it’s time to talk about storage units, consignment, and house-cleaning.
  • Festivals: Millennials are really feeling the summer love and festivals have become big business. Cater to this market with far-out clothing, camping gear, and RV rentals.
  • Tax season: Not a fun time, but a trigger event nonetheless! People will be interested in accounting, legal, banking, and document storage services.


  1. Summer fixing: Summer has hit and the sun is sweltering. People are thinking about how best to enjoy themselves and stay cool. They’re likely taking a few out of town trips, and they’re definitely investing more in their yard to make it a great, shady gathering place.
  • Vacations: With the kids out of school, it’s time to haul everyone off on a road trip to the Grand Canyon or hop on a plane to Fiji. Advertise road-trip car inspections, electronics, play devices for the kids, insurance, and travel services.
  • The outdoors: People will spend more time outside, both in their yards and in the national parks. It’s time to help them break out cooler clothes, hiking boots, and anything they need for a BBQ like better lawn chairs, a fire pit, solar panels, and pool cleaning services.
  • That one backyard project: Every family has that one project, that gazebo started last season that hasn’t been worked on. They’ll never be more interested in your help with it than right now!


  1. Autumn squirreling: People are trying to get the most of everything in Autumn. This is the time that the sun has sunk lower in the sky, the days are growing shorter and people are anticipating the trials that winter (or school or the holidays) will bring.
  • Back to school: Students dread it, retailers love it! Cash in on the must-have clothing, books, writing supplies, sports equipment, tutoring, and transportation arrangements.
  • Holidays: They’re coming up quickly and decorations are in order; everything from pumpkins to fir trees. Catch people early with services to make decorating and un-decorating totally hands-free and they’ll love you for it.
  • Sports frenzy: NFL season begins and across the USA and millions of folks are suddenly going to be glued in groups to the TV. It’s a social event, so now is the time to strike with offers for a more spacious couch, snacks, new TV and phone packages, and of course taxi services.


  1. Winter heating: The real chill has set in and people are bundling up at home with family. They’re prepping for the holidays and thinking about being thankful for the people in their lives, and are looking for great bargains on gifts.
  • Home remodeling: With all that time indoors, people invariably get to thinking about that old floral wallpaper that they never quite loved. Advertise remodeling or decoration services! They’re also very aware of how much they’re paying for heating, so advertise energy-saving appliances and weather-proofing!
  • Gift season: They say to always sell value, not price, but this is time to appeal to both people’s values and their wallets! Nothing strains a budget like buying gifts for the whole family and nothing helps a buyer be generous like a really good deal. Advertise those holiday deals!
  • Trip planning: People are moving about the country and stress levels are about to hit their zenith as everyone takes to the skies to visit home! Think about how you can make their lives easier, from more comfortable flights to shipping services to games and meal ideas for the family.


The circle begins again: no, there’s no fifth season here, unless you count the beginning of the next year. Seasons are a cycle! If you’ve done it correctly and you’re consistent, customers will actually start to associate those powerful seasons with your services, and that’s a great place to be.


If it’s working, make it a habit. Pin this season’s successful marketing campaign cards on the calendar for the next few years and keep track of the ones that worked best!

Hopefully you’re chock-full of seasonal ideas and have noticed that Spring officially begins on March 20th! Plant your springtime seeds for success and get started on a mailing or call 877-222-6010 to talk to a helpful “flowers and may showers” marketing expert and get your marketing rolling!