The holiday season is more demanding of your customers’ attention than any other time of year, with the added social obligations and related distractions. In order to not get forgotten in the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years blur, smart businesses use the holidays to keep their names in front of their customers and prospects.

Here are six rules to remember to get the most of your holiday marketing:

1.) Make it Personal

First and foremost, the purpose of sending postcards during the holidays is to deliver a holiday greeting and thus create a more personal relationship with your customer or prospect. While the front of the card will display your holiday message (“Seasons Greetings” or what have you), include a personal holiday message on the back, such as a thank you to your customers.

2.) One Card, Two Jobs

In addition to delivering your holiday greeting, you can also present a great holiday offer of the back. If you’re having a holiday open house or other event, include that information on the card as well.

 3.) Avoid Selling

“Salesy” messages are unwelcome most any time of year, but especially so during the holiday season. A laid-back offer, such as a discount, is welcome but skip any loud, “buy now!” sales copy.

4.) Thanksgiving, Veterans Day…Halloween?

Smart businesses sent Christmas cards but the really smart ones also send on greetings on other holidays as well, including Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day—and did someone say Groundhog’s Day? Different holidays may be more appropriate and lend themselves to your particular business or message, so check and see what’s coming up.

5.) Make It Fun

Nothing communicates like humor, so let your hair down and show your personality. You can even contact us at 877-222-6010 for help on this, if you find you’re taking yourself too seriously. We’ll help you choose just the right images to tickle your customers’ funny bone and keep you top of mind.

6.) Do It Sooner

Because of the additional burden on the post office at holiday times, make sure to get your mailings out the door at least two weeks prior to the holiday. You can also shave off a lot of delivery time (up to 10 days in some cases) by sending your postcards first class instead of standard rate.


You can get a jump on your holiday postcard campaigns by logging on to, where you will find plenty of attractive and customizable holiday designs or upload your own. You can also handle the address and mailing, all from your computer.

If you’re going to be busier than usual during the holidays give Opportunity Knocks a quick call at 1 (866) 319-7109 and have our design and marketing pros create a beautiful and memorable holiday postcard that will put your business at the top of your customers’ list.