What does a Green Commitment really mean to you?

In today’s world, not enough companies are tackling the biggest problems that face our planet. Everyone’s thinking, “Once my business has made enough, then I can invest in cleaner technology.” But this is also the reason why Beijing has acid rain.

Before you get too worked up, there are some success stories out there. Solar panels have built mounting success within the United States because they combine greener technology with the tangible benefit of saving their owners money! It’s a complete win-win, and there are hundreds of technologies like this out there, many of which you haven’t heard of yet.  We have tons of successful solar clients…Its joy to help them.

It’s the vendors using these clean technologies that you should be partnering with. They’ll help you clean up your business’ ecological footprint and in many cases, that green technology actually allows them to deliver even higher quality service than they could before (more on that in a bit). The longer we put off making these changes, the harder it will be to actually do anything about it!

Do it for your children’s children, and heck, even yourself!

After all, your generation is going to live longer than any in history! You’re going to be around for the impacts of your decisions now, as will your children and your children’s children. So who wouldn’t want to be part of both the solution and a verdant, green world? So take action and hold your partners accountable!

Here at ProspectsPLUS! we hold ourselves and our partners to a very high standard and stand behind our Green Commitment. We use some pretty advanced digital printing technology for your direct mailings and postcards that, just like solar panels, both save the environment and actually allows us to be more nimble and deliver an otherwise unachievable level of quality.

How does it work? Well, for starters, we use digital printing as opposed to traditional offset printing. Whereas offset printing generates loads of waste paper, uses environmentally harmful ink, and generates wasteful inefficiencies, digital printing allows us to be extremely nimble to both cut down on waste and actually improve the product for our customer! Here’s what that means for you, our valued customers:

Cleaner technology is saving our precious environmental resources:

Our unique printing techniques allow us to print on 95% of the available space on each postcard. Virtually none of the paper that comes in our doors goes to waste. And all of the paper that makes up all of those flyers and postcards is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), a fantastic organization which verifies that our stock comes from well managed forests. And whereas classical offset printing requires postcards and door hangers to be proofed by printing out wasteful physical samples, digital printing gives us more control over the coloring so that we can proof everything on advanced computer screens. Digital printing helps ensure that not a drop of our Earths’ precious resources are wasted!

Smarter technology now makes you marketing twice as effective.

With old traditional offset printing, things worked a lot like the newspaper presses that you see in movies: if you were going to print one, you had to print hundreds. Digital printing on the other hand allows us to print orders as small as one single postcard and as large as millions. What does this mean for our customers? They don’t have to do large bulk orders and in fact, we can print them only when they’re needed. This is the secret behind our triggered postcard technology which enables things like new-mover marketing: if we detect that someone moves into a new house, we can print one postcard with their name on it and send it off for you that day. Pretty incredible huh? It makes our services more nimble and hassle-free for our customers who no longer have to save up their ideas to meet some “bulk minimum.”

And it doesn’t stop here. We take the digital aspect even further and we’ve plugged our systems into the national Do Not Mail system so that you don’t accidentally send postcards to people who aren’t supposed to be getting them. And we can even detect and prevent postcards addressed to building owners from accidentally going to any of their rental units. This digitally enabled safety network allows us to guarantee high quality direct mail services in a way that just wasn’t possible with older technology.

So there you have it, the secret to digital printing is out! It’s the cornerstone in our Green Commitment to helping to save the planet for future generations. And because the technology is better as well, we can offer the highest quality product on the market that makes our customers’ marketing more colorful, effective, and timely.

Are you thinking of doing something to save the world today? Sign up with ProspectsPLUS! or call 877-222-6010 and start doing more of your marketing on highly effective green technology today.

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