It doesn’t matter how good your company’s product or service is. It doesn’t matter if you charge less than your competition…or if you have a wicked-cool website.

None of that seemingly important stuff means anything if you don’t know and do what we’re about to reveal.

1.) Make Yourself Known

In his 2005 book, Endless Referrals, author-speaker Bob Burg wrote, “All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”

The order in which he put the verbs—know, like, and trust—was not likely at random, but rather in the only workable order possible.

The marketing sequence starts with “know,” and it’s so easy to do that many businesses take it for granted and don’t actually do it.

The key to making yourself known to your market is repetition of message. You don’t necessarily have to wait until your company has a strong brand image before you engage in repetition of message. Sometimes the message you repeat is what becomes your brand, even if you didn’t plan it that way.

Something as simple as a postcard that says “Acme Lawn & Gardening, Have a Gorgeous Law This Summer, Call Now for 10% Off,” and a picture of a lush, green lawn will work.

It’s scientifically proven that persistent repetition of your message—mailing out your postcards repeatedly—eventually establishes you in your prospects and customers’ mind (“Oh, Acme…yeah, the ‘gorgeous lawn’ guys…”).

London businessman and author Thomas Smith noted this more than 130 years ago in his book, Successful Advertising. Smith estimated that it took 20 exposures to a message to make a customer but that’s advertising. With postcards, people only need to be exposed to your message 5-7 times before purchasing.

2.) How Ya Like Me Now?

Once you’ve overcome the hurdle of becoming known, you consolidate that gain by doing all you can to be liked. This basically comes down to how a company treats their prospects and customers. You don’t necessarily have to give away free stuff to be liked. Be courteous and respectful. Answer your phones. Return calls in a timely manner. Really listen. Care. Answer peoples’ questions. Be generally helpful. And sincere. That’s what gets you liked.

3.) Trust Us On This

You can ask around but we think you will find that most experts agree that trust between a business and its customers comes from doing what you say you will do (and maybe a little more), giving exceptional value, exceeding expectations, and that sort of thing. When you make people glad that they gave you their money, they will be willing to give it to you again. That’s trust.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But if you give up after you get “no results” from your first postcard campaign, no one’s ever going to trust you. They are not going to like you either, because you never gave them a chance to know you.

That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

So don’t let that happen! Send out your message consistently and they will come to know you. You will get them to like you and then trust you.


Time to repeat your message? It’s as easy as logging on to to create your first postcard campaign. You can even handle the list and mailing, all from your computer.

Could it be even easier? Yes: give Opportunity Knocks a call at 1 (866) 319-7109 and tell them what you’re thinking. They will come back with a postcard campaign that you’ll be proud to send out again and again.


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