What do archery and postcards have in common?

For both, proper targeting is nearly everything. Without sighting your bullseye and lining up a proper shot, you’ll miss and wind up pulling out your hair trying to get either to work.

For marketing, missing is particularly expensive. Messages sent to the wrong addresses, wrong people, or at the wrong time cost money. Many business owners wrongly assume that they can make up for this by sending greater volumes but if you’re wallowing in the 1% return category and sending 10,000 postcards, you’re spending 10x as much to accomplish the same thing as someone who sent 1,000 postcards but got their targeting right!

Which business owner do you prefer to be? Yeah, we thought so. Here’s how we can help you get your targeting on track:

Visualize your target

Before you fire, let’s take a look at where you’re aiming. Who is your ideal customer, and where can they be found? This profile might be very different than that of your average customer, as you always want to find the highest value ones with greatest ROI.

To do this, you’ll likely have to do a little research by talking to top customers, interviewing store visitors, running a rewards program, and conducting surveys.

Through this you might come up with something like “married women between 35 and 44 years old with kids and at least high school education.”

Line up your shot

Next, target your ideal customer. That could be by location (perhaps they all live in similar neighborhoods), by profile (if they’re scattered but have distinct characteristics), or by a marketing list (if you have one). You can research this by looking up census data or, if you have a marketing partner like Opportunity Knocks, they can perform the research for you.

In the case of the middle aged mothers, it’s safe to assume that they probably live in similar neighborhoods, but that they also have similar demographics, so here are your options:

  • Geo-location targeting: Target specific neighborhoods by selecting an area on a Google map with Map My Mail.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): If you’re certain that entire zip codes are a good fit, reach every household in that area with EDDM.
  • Profile targeting by Nielsen PRIZM: Scroll through profiles to find one that matches your audience using Nielsen PRIZM.
  • Demographic targeting: Input the demographics of your audience and we’ll match them with tax assessor data using a Demographic Search.
  • Upload a List: Lists are hard to maintain because people move and details change. If your list is recent and well-kept, this can be your best approach. Simply Upload and send.
Watch to see if you hit

There are two ways you can track postcard success: by USPS delivery confirmations that the postcards arrived (ProspectsPLUS! provides these automatically to you) and by responses. You’ll want to track the total number that you sent to find out what percentage were delivered and what percentage called in and made a purchase.

How do you know if the postcard is what drove the sale? Simple: include a discount code on the postcard. Customers can either use it to visit a landing page URL or reference it when they buy in-person or online. Track out how many codes are redeemed and presto: you’ll have your number.

Remember, the best archers out there aren’t born masters, they get good through repeated practice. If you’ve created a marketing plan to bring in new customers, stick with it, learn, and improve each time. Test the images, the offer, the copy, and the targeting until you start to see response rates that don’t make you pull out your hair!

Ready to try one out? Log into our web-to-print platform and fire a campaign off today.
If you need help, Opportunity Knocks at 1 (866) 319-7109 has sent tens of millions of postcards and can do the targeting for you!