Have you ever seen a piece of marketing that’s so bad that it makes you cringe? Maybe even makes you feel embarrassed for the business putting that out there? We certainly have!

    We also wonder, as I’m sure you do, at how that could have made it through the review process and seen the light of day. The simple answer is the same as for most challenges in SMB: lack of time. Owners don’t have the resources to send things around for editing or gather a group consensus – they need things done in real-time.

    If you’re among that group of busy business owners, we’ve got something to help out: a quick guide on cringe-worthy marketing that’s your rule of thumb on what not to say and how not to say it!

    The cringe-worthy guide to what not to say and how not to say it:

    1. Leading with the phrase “We’re a ___ company who’s been in the business for 20 years” 

    If any of your marketing materials begin with this phrase, cut it out! The number one rule for marketing is to remember that your customers are all asking themselves “what’s in it for me?” (WIIFM). Starting off this way is like launching into your life story with a stranger on the bus before they have any idea why they should care.

    Instead of talking about yourself, start off talking about them and what they want. Explain the benefits of your product. Will they feel relief, joy, satisfaction, or peace of mind? Say that! Otherwise, you’ve lost their attention before you’ve even begun.

    2. Typos, punctuation, and grammar

    Is it there or their? Your or you’re? Its or it’s? These questions kept us up at night in grade school and they’re back to haunt us in business! When you get it wrong, it can sometimes be pretty funny, but only to your customers. Nobody wants bad press like this!

    Rules of thumb: 

    There is for places, their belongs to someone.

    Your is for ownership, you’re is short for “you are”

    Its is for ownership, it’s is short for “it is”

    Creative Kids Software, Reebok, and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign know the pain of this firsthand (Tis’ the season!)




    3. Pictures that are grainy or out of focus 

    This one hits close to home for us. We see plenty of direct mail images come rolling through the presses that look like someone trying to capture a shot of Bigfoot and we consider it our duty to help out. Just because an image has the correct subject matter doesn’t mean that it sells well, and when you’re competing with folks out there using wonderfully designed stock photography, it’ll be hard to get noticed. If you’re sending postcards, you can access a library of stock photos through our web-to-print platform or touch-up your own with the free web tool Pixlr.

    4. Humor

    Humor is touchy because it’s usually at someone’s expense. In fact, it’s almost impossible to avoid offending at least one person and it’s usually best not to even try. Unless you’re Jerry Seinfeld who can get laughs without all of the expletives or toilet humor, you’re likely to end up like Bloomingdales who seemed to condone some pretty offensive party behavior. What might have been humorous to a few ad executives sure wasn’t funny in print, huh?

    5. Broken Hyperlinks

    What’s the point of all that work if the links you point people to are broken? Even companies as large as Heinz (of ketchup fame) sometimes overlook double-checking them before sending things out, as they learned last year when they placed a QR code on one of their ketchup bottle designs that forwarded visitors not to one of their landing pages but … an adult website. Oops. Check your links so that you’re not wasting your marketing dollars!

    It’s all fun and games until you’re the one they’re laughing at

    There we go, that’s our list and we’re sticking to it. Can you think of any more cringe-worthy marketing? Share this on social media and tell your story!

    Remember, it’s a short month, so get your postcard campaign out early!

    If you’re ready to up-level your marketing campaigns and you’d like an expert to look them over, Opportunity Knocks can help. They’re experts in driving new business and most importantly, know how to use spellcheck.

      Nothing beats HYPER-local

      Despite all of the talk recently about marketing locally on Google or Facebook, it doesn’t change the fact that consumers are still being bombarded with a purported 5,000+ marketing messages each day! Getting through takes more creativity than a few unique keywords and so instead of just going local, you should be doubling down and going HYPER-local: get out there in person!

      Marketing in the streets amongst your community members leverages an unbreakable local bond. Your families share the places that you live, work, and play and it gives you instant credibility and gets your foot in the door where you might otherwise have been ignored.

      And who better to show you how to market locally than the direct mail folks?

      Here are 5 supercharged hyper-local marketing techniques:

      1. Market in areas where for-sale signs are popping up. It’s time to do like the realtors do. The commonly held knowledge in their industry is that when one “for sale” sign pops up, others are bound to follow. It’s like everybody gets the big idea all at once, and while this is prime prospecting for realtors, it’s also fantastic for you. Homeowners preparing to sell are in need of help with just about everything: painting, landscaping, carpentry, plumbing, home decoration, and more.

      Target these neighborhoods with door hangers, flyers, and brochures. On the back-end of that phenomena, you’ll also have a flood of new homeowners moving in who need to get their head around the local services in their area, like dentistry, schools, sports teams, and lessons for the kids. They spend an average of $7,000 getting set up, so hook them with postcard offers early!

      2. Offer classes: A customer of ours sells spices. To promote his store, he started offering cooking classes. Why? Not because it’s a revenue stream, but because he found that by teaching people about how to cook with those spices and about their medicinal properties (did you know that cardamom clears headaches?), he creates well-educated buyers who buy more and buy more often. It’s the same reason that Home Depot offers classes on home building, and REI offers backpacking lessons.

      What lessons can you offer to educate your buyer?

      Pro-Tip: Charge something for your classes! People value classes more when they cost something, and if they sign up, they show up more often if they’ve already paid.

      3. Get out there and attend some events. What’s happening in your area? Head to the local papers or to Craigslist and come up with places the you can go and be seen, like farmer’s markets, local concerts, festivals, industry conventions, races, and minor league sports games. You’ll have to inquire as to whether those organizations want to regulate you having a booth (sometimes there’s an application and a fee) and if you can, try to provide services for the community like serving snacks or giving out free waters. If nothing else, arm a crew of volunteers in t-shirts to wander around and hand out swag or coupons!

      4. Laser-targeted postcard campaigns: With the incredible simplicity of big data at your fingertips, you can know everything about your neighbors without stepping away from your computer. Using Nielsen’s PRIZM technology, you can select an area as small as a single neighborhood and a profile of person who matches your target customer, and send them a postcard addressing them by first name that says something to the effect of, “Hey Laurie, have you seen how verdant and green the lawns are down on Riverside Drive? That’s our work, and at Jamie’s Hedges, we’re proud to be your local landscaper!” Click here to try it out.

      5. Cross-promote with other local businesses: It’s always a wonder to us that more small businesses aren’t working in cross-promotional networks. How often do people ask you for services that you don’t offer, or where they can find a coffee shop, printer, grocer, or hardware store? Find people to refer them to and have those business owners do the same, and print out flyers for each other’s services that you can pass them out when asked.

      6. Find local influencers: The marketing world is awash these days with talk about “influencer marketing” which is just a fancy word for having people advocate for you. You can get into it too, but much more simply by identifying your top advocates (often, your top buyers) and giving them free product in return for a little social media love. Just have them post pictures of themselves with it on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, and tag your business!

      Are you feeling more patriotic about your home-town already?

      What several of our proof-readers here pointed out is that this list isn’t only an effective marketing strategy, but it actually seems fun, and that’s exactly what we think marketing should be! So get out there, gear up your volunteers, and go on a handshake-tour of your local business community and start your hyper-local marketing strategy today!

      Want some HYPER-local advice from a trusted advisor?

      Give Opportunity Knocks a call today at 1-866-319-7109 because they’re full of more ideas, and they’re dying to talk to you. They’ll formulate your local marketing strategy and can put together a full-suite of white-glove marketing campaigns that are sure to bring a flood of neighbors a-knocking!

        Wait, there’s only one week left in the month? Where did the time to run marketing campaigns go?

        Probably, it was left languishing under a hefty stack of invoices, customer requests, and newspaper articles talking about the UK (or should we say England now?). We get it, we know exactly how busy you are, but that’s exactly why we’re reminding you to pull it out and brush it off because it’s never too late to catch up!

        This is the end of the quarter and your last chance to end everything on a high note and set yourself up for a stress-free Q3!

        Here are 3 extremely simple month end campaigns to finish strong:

        1. Run a promotion around a social cause: There’s a reason that month-end promotions still exist, and that’s because they’re effective. They create urgency and take control of a calendar cycle that everyone has to abide by. This month however, make your offer more compelling by layering in a social cause. Offer to do a dollar-for-dollar donation match to a local charity for anything that customers buy before the deadline.

        Done right, month-end promotions light a fire under the buyers who aren’t on any sort of a timeline, and would just as happily buy next month. And, this doubly motivates them. As a corporate responsibility study by CONE Communications found, 90% of customers would be willing to switch to a brand associated with a good cause, which means that you stand a good chance of nabbing business from your competitors as they wrap things up too.

        Month-end promotions around a social cause both help the world and your cash flow!

        Pro-Tip: Remember to make that deadline the last business day of the month, not the last day, although this July both are one and the same!

        1. Simply say thanks: When’s the last time you took a moment to say thanks? We don’t do it often enough, and we’ll start this one off: thanks for being such a great customer of ours! You inspire us daily and make this job fun and interesting!

        How’d that feel? We’re hoping pretty great, and you can pass the good vibes along to your own customers with a soft-touch campaign that simply says “thanks” and doesn’t have a direct ask. Before you balk, realize that there is still a cunning marketing strategy behind doing this, as it keeps you top of mind and builds a relationship and primes customers for future sales.

        As the eminent psychologist Robert Cialdini discovered, simply giving without any expectation of a return is the best way to inadvertently get more back. More giving is more getting, and according to his Rule of Reciprocation, people tend to give back more than they get, often buying things in return for “freebies.” This is why grocery stores give out food samples, why companies at conferences give out swag, and why you should send a postcard simply to say “thanks” and build some goodwill!

        1. Create an online contest (yeah, we’re guilty): Want to create some urgency among your customers? Nothing compels action like a ticking timer. Create an offer and broadcast it on a landing page with a big ticking clock that’s counting down to the end of the month, whereupon your offer expires. You can print out posters to advertise it in your shop, email your list, and send postcards with a tiny URL. Unfamiliar with tiny URL’s? Use Google’s tool to shrink them so they’re easier for prospects to type in on their phones!

        Types of offers that work well:

        – Drawings or sweepstakes in return for a gift card

        – Limited time offer or discount on services

        – Social media contest which promises gift cards in return for positive reviews

        And there you have it! These 3 simple end-of-month campaigns that’ll help get your client base un-stuck and making a few purchases before the bell rings and the quarter is effectively over.

        Need to bring out the big guns?

        For those of you who need to play serious catch-up and need a full-fledged plan, Opportunity Knocks can help! Shoot them a call at 1-866-319-7109 and they’ll kick-start the flow of customers faster than you can say “marketing!”

          Door to door results

          If you had the time to walk the neighborhood, shake everyone’s hand, and pitch your business, would you do it? Probably, but in a world of finite time, we have the next best thing: door hangers. They’re unobtrusive, proven to be highly effective, and because people MUST walk through their door, they are guaranteed to be seen by 100% of the people.

          If you’ve read our guide to designing the perfect door-hanger, you also know that they’re shockingly simple to create. But the question remains, how does one actually go about targeting them?

          It’s a good question, and one that we’re here to answer today. As with so many things, the answer is “it depends.” It depends on your business, your customers, and what resources you have available to deliver them. Here’s our guide to targeting the right audiences for you:

          Targeting for consumers

          If you sell to consumers, you’ll typically want to target neighborhoods but, in some cases, it can make sense to target businesses. After all, is there truly a real-life distinction between business to business (B2B) commerce and business to consumer (B2C)? At the end of the day, it’s all just people (business to people; B2P perhaps?) and you can effectively market to them in both their professional and private roles. If you’re offering food delivery, expert landscaping, or handyman work, targeting businesses and office parks could be a great way to go because you’ll catch hungry and tired people leaving the office after a long day and in exactly the right mindset to pay someone to handle their errands or cooking for them.

          Otherwise, you’ll want to go for the most receptive neighborhoods. If you have a targeted list of current customers, or data left over after your last postcard campaign, focus on the hot-spots, which are neighborhoods where customers already exist. Perhaps there’s a reason that people in that area gravitate towards your business, and you can use this criteria to select other compatible neighborhoods. If you offer pool supplies or landscaping, maybe it’s gated communities and neighborhoods with large enough houses to be a fit. If you’re a bakery advertising cakes, focus on suburbs and new developments were young families are likely to have lots of kids. If you’re a dental practice, play up your “local” presence and even use the name of that development in your door hanger ad. Find the neighborhoods with proven success, double-down on them, and then look for other similar neighborhoods.

          Targeting for businesses

          If you sell to other businesses, there are rare occasions when you might want to canvass neighborhoods. Again, it’s still just business to people. If you offer IT services, office supplies, security services, or business insurance, you can have great success giving people discount offers for their company that they can bring in and look good for having helped their boss save money.

          Outside of these scenarios, you’ll want to select your businesses wisely. Make sure you’re delivering door hangers to people who can actually afford or actually need your services by sticking to specific zones:

          • Main street: best for targeting boutique shops, retail businesses, coffee shops, convenience shops, hardware stores, and restaurants.
          • Office parks: best for targeting software and technology companies, law firms, architects, construction companies, insurance companies, and larger corporate offices.
          • Commercial zone: best for targeting transport companies, warehouse operators, outlet stores, and manufacturers.
          • Co-working spaces: best for targeting small startups, satellite offices, and sole proprietors.

          Put your targeted areas down on an interactive map:

          You could circle regions on a paper map, if you prefer. But we recommend you use Google’s My Maps service, which is free and fairly hassle-free to create. You can name your own map, search addresses, drop pins, and draw lines to demarcate where you’d like to canvass. You can then share this map with other contributors who can access it on their smartphone. For android devices, they can download the app here and for iPhone devices, they’ll have to access it via Safari.


          Delivering those door hangers

          Now, where the rubber meets the road, who’s actually driving the car? Somebody will have to hand these things out! You’ll want to arm them with very clear instructions for which neighborhoods, businesses, or areas to cover, and here are some options for finding the person to do it:

          • Volunteers. This is by far and wide the best option, as you can reward them with non-monetary benefits, depending on what your business offers, or you can take everyone out to dinner and a few drinks afterwards. It’s practically free, and can be a fun exercise for friends and family.
          • Pay your employees to do it: There’s a chance that you have a few people you can spare, but it’ll cost you money as they’re on the clock during this. The upside is that they’ll probably do a great job.
          • Outsource: Welcome to the gig economy! There are countless services where you can pay people for odd-jobs, and many of them are mobile phone apps, making it easy to manage. Try looking at TaskRabbit, Agent Anything, or if you’re in no rush, good old fashioned Craigslist.

          And with that, your door hangers are on their way! And of course, as with any marketing, a multi-pronged approach is best. Order a postcard campaign to accompany your door-hangers, either preceding or following, with a clear call to action and how they can follow-up!

          We’d love to hear how your campaign goes, and if you have any questions give us a call today at 1-800-877-6010 and chat with a local marketing expert!

          Need help fitting this into the rest of your marketing?

          Opportunity Knocks marketing helps connect you to your best customers, and they have access to data on who you should be marketing to. Shoot them a call at 1-866-319-7109 and put your plan in right away!

            You wouldn’t go into battle like these guys would you?



            Then why the heck would you engage in marketing without knowing all of the tools in your arsenal, or how they even work?

            Today we’ll discuss the wide range of direct mail and print marketing options, where they’re each most effective, and of course, which way to point them!

            To make everything easy on you, we broke them down into categories by what challenges you’re looking to solve. Just click below and see what’s available to you:

            • I need to spread awareness!
            • I need to get the word out about something 
            • I need a more professional marketing appearance
            • I need more leads, fast
            • I need help with my marketing strategy

            I need to spread awareness!

            • Brochures: Trifold brochures pack tons of info into a neat package. These are particularly good where you have lots of facts to share, like open-houses, construction projects, financial products, and insurance policies.
            • Door Hangers: Catch people in the morning while they’re fresh and receptive with door hangers! These work great for homes, and even better for businesses. Learn more about the art of door hanger marketing
            • Every door direct mail: Tired of typing up street addresses? This is the “reply all” button of direct marketing. Simply select an entire neighborhood. Great for new business openings, changes of management, landscapers, dental practices, and realtors.
            • Flyers: These are a great go-to for passing around the community and for arming your local advocates. They’re best for leaving in stacks at other business’ offices around your area.

            I need to get the word out about something

            • Announcement Cards: Great for new product launches. Really creative marketers can also announce old products as if they’re something new and noteworthy.
            • Giftcards: Grab a stack of these in small denominations and use them as “thank you’s” for referrals or repeat business. Get your first $25 one free by simply referring a friend.
            • Newsletters: Part of a trade association or have a loyal base of repeat customers? Use this to keep in touch and provide tips, advice, and foster a sense of community. Great for retail stores.

            I need a more professional marketing appearance

            • Branded marketing packages: Get a uniform, professional look on your stationary by bundling announcement and business cards together into this package.
            • Business cards: They’re highly versatile and a no-brainer for any businessperson who doesn’t want to miss leads out of working hours.
            • Kits: These are ideal for agents in real estate, insurance, and property management, and anyone selling large-ticket items who needs to make the best first impression possible.
            • Luxury marketing brochures: this is your 100lb premium glossy stock with a sturdy feel, and perfect for higher-end flyers, newsletters, booklets, and calendars.
            • Notecards: These single-fold cards are great for presenting names of guests, event attendees, as well as labeling tables and vendors.
            • Personalized Presentation Folders: Are you making a proposal? Asking for funding? Look the part with personalized folders that match the rest of your marketing materials.
            • Return Address Labels: Beyond the obvious time-saving benefits, these make your mailings stand apart from everything else your clients get in the mail.
            • Stationary: Give your memos and notes some authority and punch with formal letterhead!

            I need more leads, fast

            • Mailing Lists: Not sure who to send mail to? No problem. ProspectsPLUS! lets you borrow mailing lists, and we can help you target them.
            • MapMyMail: This is great for the local business that wants to hit a neighborhood or geographic area – select your mailing recipients by drawing a circle on a Google Map.
            • Market Dominator: This is the “big guns,” and it’s ideal for realtors. Tell us where you need customers, and this will help you get a 20% market share in your area!
            • Postcards: This is the backbone of any direct mail marketing system, and it’s ideal for generating leads in any industry.

            I need help with my marketing strategy

            Opportunity Knocks Marketing: Is the array of options dizzying? Talk to an expert! Opportunity Knocks can tell you which ones will work best for your business! Learn more or give them a call at 1-866-319-7109

            And with that, we conclude our tour of the armory. You can go browse everything that PropsectsPLUS offers for yourself!

              Marketing, just like gym memberships, is a process of constant renewal and it’s never too late to pick things up and get back on the horse. Your business needs new customers more than ever and if we aim to do anything on the ProspectsPLUS! blog here, it’s to help you realize that direct mail marketing is the most direct route to doing that.

              We could go on for just about forever as to why, but you don’t need to hear that right now. Instead, what you could use this week, is a helping hand. Here’s our fully prepared and pre-packaged strategy for delivering new prospects onto your doorstep (be that physical or digital).

              There’s the 6 steps:

              1. Set up your landing page. Create a landing page with a clear Call to Action (CTA) right smack-dab in the center, telling them what you want them to do, like sign up, visit your store, or give you a phone call. Here’s what our postcard landing page looks like. You can use Google Analytics to track visitors for free.
              2. Create the postcard. Not a designer? Don’t have your own images? No problem! We’ve made it extremely simple, just hop into the web-to-print design platform where you can fill the front and back with your text and borrowed images in just a few minutes. For even more free stock photos, visit pexels.com.
              3. Add both a URL or a QR code to your postcard. We’re all digital animals these days and people crave deeper engagement. You need to give those who are most interested in your offer a channel to dive in deeper. Use the phrase “learn more” and place either a URL and a QR code that directs them back to the landing page you created so that you can track engagement. Create free QR codes at qrstuff.com.
              4. Select your mailing list. Make it easy on yourself by using Nielsen PRIZM segmentations. They’ve done all of the work to collect data on consumers in your area and provide a list of pre-built segments like “Winners Circle,” “Bohemian-Mix” and “Gods Country.” Simply hover over each for a deeper explanation and then select the ones who look like your customers!
              5. Send the postcard: A whole of 15-20 minutes should have elapsed by now, and it’s time to get that campaign out!
              6. Track results: Set a calendar reminder for two weeks out to check back in online with ProspectsPlus to see what postcards were delivered, and check in on your landing page via Google Analytics to see how many recipients followed through and clicked.

              And that’s it! You’re all done, get back to everything else that you have on your plate!

              Now, do you need a little more customization in your campaign? Or maybe you don’t have 15 minutes to spare?

              Opportunity Knocks Marketing can write, schedule, and send everything for you! Call them today at 1-866-319-7109.

                The good, the ad, and the ugly

                The Super Bowl has become an advertising spectacle, no doubt about it. Companies, usually car manufacturers, spend upwards of seven figures on their Super Bowl ads and because those gobs of money attract some of the brightest minds in the advertising industry, we spectators get the wonderful benefit of looking at the most advanced advertising thinkers competing in a high-stakes bake-off.

                We know we know, it’s not football season yet, but does a true fan ever put away their jersey? True champions are always training, and for better or for worse, we’re always watching ads from the industry’s experts to see what we can learn. So consider today an off-season punt-fake of sorts, and run with us!

                Before next season (aka your marketing this month) really kicks into high gear, we want you to be prepared with plenty of direct mail marketing tips!

                Consider these your spring training.

                The best: Merge your story with a larger narrative.

                Chrysler’s Super Bowl Ad “Imported from Detroit”


                Powerful? Yes. Attention grabbing? Check. Chock-full of narrative? Definitely. Chrysler’s ad makes a wise choice in tapping into a universal narrative that we all love: the underdog story. And it accurately connects the ideas of strife and accomplishment, and that great hardships can lead to even greater successes. Detroit has been through it all, as has Chrysler, and they’ve spun that into a strength.

                How can you harness this in your direct mail? Tell your story! Sure, you’re in business to make a profit and take care of your family but what’s the greater narrative around what you’re doing? If you’re a small business, you should see yourself as out there battling Goliath, fighting to improve whatever industry you’re in. If you’re in a troubled industry, tell the Rocky Balboa story about how you can come back and make that industry great again. Find a universal narrative like Detroit coming back from the brink of failure and you’ll engage customers and draw them in!

                The worst: If you can’t be the best, be memorable

                Mountain Dew “Puppy Monkey Baby”


                If you’re like us, you turned that off after just a few seconds. (OK…not really) It does not get any better. During the Super Bowl however, nobody’s changing the channel and they’re effectively chained to this tortuously bad video. You’re probably screaming, “What were they thinking? How could they pay $4M for that?” and the answer is, because it’s effective.

                It’s not effective at being likable, but it’s effective at being memorable, and in advertising, that’s often all that matters. It’s the same reason that you know, but probably don’t like, Pepto Bismol’s Jingle, or Geico’s mascot. This commercial started a firestorm of negative press and had everybody talking about it the next day at the water cooler. And from that perspective, it worked, because Mountain Dew was top of everyone’s mind.

                How can you harness this in your direct mail? Don’t focus on being polite, focus on being memorable. Jump out and grab people with your sales copy, and don’t be afraid to use clashing, garish colors or lots of exclamation points (within reason). Your postcard’s job is to catch people’s attention and even if they don’t respond, to help them grow accustomed to your pitch so that you stay top of mind! And luckily, you can accomplish all of this without being even a fraction as annoying as Mountain Dew’s commercial, or spending $4M.

                Oh…and whether it’s a talking lizard, a puppy monkey baby or a silly jingle, repetition cements your brand.

                And there you have it, tips from the best and the worst of one of the most expensive advertising events on Earth! Now it’s time to put it all together.

                Use our DIY web to print platform to create a postcard in under 15 minutes that tells your underdog story or sears itself into your customers’ consciousness!

                Either way, blame it on what you learned from the big guys!

                Need help with your strategy? We can help you identify and perfect your story and turn it into sales. Give us a call at 1-866-319-7109 or contact us at Opportunity Knocks today!

                  Conventional thinking in most marketing circles is that nobody does direct mail marketing anymore, direct mail is too expensive, it doesn’t work in today’s dynamic, internet driven landscape.

                  These same thinkers say, shift your marketing budgets to social media, email, and the newest addition, mobile media.

                  Not so fast my friend!

                  According to studies done by the American Affluence Research Center, direct mail is probably the most cost-efficient method for reaching the truly affluent, i.e. the wealthiest U.S. households — These are the households with a net worth of $800,000 or more and incomes of 200,000 plus.

                  By coupling targeted data with the right message and a strong branded presence companies can be 100% sure they capture these more affluent consumers. These are the same consumers who don’t typically surf the web on a daily basis. They are the same group of consumers that are not glued to a computer screen updating their Facebook account. These are the consumers who have more disposable income and are more likely to purchase your products or services if they feel you’ve invested in them.

                  (Check out the Market Dominator’s impressive Affluent Marketing Program)

                  When I open my mail box each day, I see the proof that marketers have not yet abandoned direct mail. Both small businesses and giant corporations are still capturing consumers through this channel and increasing their brand awareness.  I strongly believe that those marketers who are getting results through direct mail want their competitors to continue thinking that digital media is where they should spend their budgets.  They want to make sure to keep the secret that direct mail can still be a powerful tool in the 21st century marketer’s arsenal.

                  Direct mail is still a very important vehicle to deliver sales directly, but it also works with other marketing platforms to connect with customers.  For example, I may see a postcard in the mail quite frequently but never order by phone or mail, rather, I always go online to make my purchases.

                  Statistics from the Direct Marketing Association confirms the synergies between direct mail and other multi-channel strategies: “Fifteen percent of customers receiving a catalog and 12 percent receiving a letter, postcard or flyer from a company made a purchase on the company’s website at some point.”

                  It all comes down to the best way to get in the customer’s door and capture their attention. With the use of targeted data, direct mail will continue to score big with the largest, most affluent luxury market that is the baby boomer generation.

                  Need help, got questions or want someone do it all for you? Call Opportunity Knocks today at 1-866-319-7109 and they’ll get it set up. They’re a full-service marketing agency and their bread-and-butter is using these campaigns to drive crowds of new customers your way!

                    What’s the dynamite, you ask? It’s Every Door Direct Mail. This completely hands-free approach to postcard marketing guarantees maximum penetration with minimal effort, and it actually ends up costing a lot less than even traditional direct mail.

                    But, before you get excited…know ahead of time, it’s not for everyone. To help you figure out if it’s the right approach for you, let’s walk through a few real life scenarios, shall we?

                    Sandy has an open house and she’s worried about low attendance, and as a new realtor in town she doesn’t have a big enough network to know who to invite.

                    Trey runs a restaurant and he’s tired of paying for radio and TV spots because he can’t tell if they’re reaching the right people.

                    Nicole and her husband have a long-established landscaping business but still spent all of last week “flyering” just one neighborhood, and they’re tired of it.

                    Pablo has just moved his dental practice to a new neighborhood that he doesn’t t know well yet, and he needs to fill up his appointment book so that he can pay his staff.

                    What do all of these businesses owners have in common?

                    These are all perfect candidates for Every Door Direct Mail! They’re small business owners who lack the time, the lists, or the resources to saturate their local marketing with advertising, and don’t have gobs of money to spend!

                    Every Door Direct Mail pulls out all of the stops and parachutes postcards onto the doorstep of every consumer or business within a specific area. It’s the secret-weapon in our offering arsenal is just the opposite of our usual “segmentation, personas, and targeting” approach that we so heartily advocate because sometimes, results can’t wait. You don’t have time for pin-pointed accuracy, you just need to get the word out, fast! If targeted postcard marketing is like casting out a fishing net, this is like fishing with dynamite!

                    And of course, we don’t expect you to provide any lists for all those people, we already have them. All you need to do is design the perfect postcard and hit send, and our advanced digital printers kick into action and start churning out tens of thousands of pieces of direct mail headed to every conceivable customer in sight.

                    For your convenience, there’s no:

                    • Dealing with lists. Just select an area, we make sure every person or business in there gets something.
                    • Addressing each person or business individually, our system handles that.
                    • Licking hundreds of yards of postage
                    • Dropping them off at the post office (unless you want to)
                    • Need to track your own deliveries. We guarantee 100% delivery tracking for you and you can check results online!

                    And Every Door Direct Mail isn’t just limited to postcards here. It’s anything that a company could want to send to their prospects: Sandy will choose to send out jumbo-sized open house invites and brochures to people. Trey will opt to drop trifold menus on every doorstep. Nicole and her husband will send flyers to every corporate building and park. And Pablo will be sending dental postcards to everyone within driving distance!

                    And what about cost-effectiveness? Well, they win out there too. This is your maximum saturation with minimal effort, and it ends up costing you a whole lot less: just 17.6 cents per mailing! 

                    So, you have to ask yourself: do you have the bandwidth to run a highly targeted and effective postcard marketing campaign right now? Or is it time to get the word out at all costs and saturate your market?

                    Kickstart your Every Door Direct Mail campaign today and see how many customers were out there waiting for you to reach them!

                    Need to go one step further and have someone do it all for you? Call Opportunity Knocks today at 1-866-319-7109 and they’ll get it set up. They’re a full-service marketing agency and sister company to ProspectsPLUS! and their bread-and-butter is using these campaigns to drive crowds of new customers your way!

                      Here at ProspectsPLUS! we get to see some pretty creative stuff.  It’s really the icing on the cake from having a direct mail marketing “platform” which easily helps small businesses get out there and draw in crowds of new customers.

                      Our users can get pretty darn crafty and today it’s all about three cunningly creative customer stories that you can take advantage of too:

                      1. Use postcards to announce a visit, boost effectiveness by 209%. Does your sales process involve door to door sales calls or do your jobs involve you going out to customer sites? If so, you’re a prime candidate for this one.

                      One of our customers runs a pest control business that makes neighborhood visits and the owner couldn’t help but feel like it was a huge waste to drive all the way out to each development to only hit one house. As any good salesperson does, she went door-knocking and left job signs, but it just wasn’t cutting it. People weren’t expecting her and it took up a lot of her time. Instead, she started sending 1-2 postcards a few weeks in advance of her visit to a neighborhood along with the deal she would offer if they signed up on that day and lo-and-behold, her door knocking success rate jumped 209%. Pretty impressive, huh? And this tactic isn’t just limited to consumers either.  We have a tech services customer who does the same thing within business parks!

                      2. Use QR Codes to engage smartphone users. There’s nothing people like better than being “smart phone engaged.” Especially when it lets them leverage the supercomputer in their pocket that we’re all absolutely glued to.

                      According to wireless week, 65% of digital media is now consumed on mobile, and it’s high time that your direct mail campaigns took advantage of this. One of our pet supplies customers saw a natural fit and created some mystery with their QR code by saying “Have you seen this video yet?” They linked it back to a funny YouTube video of a lemur asking to have his back scratched which they had embedded into a landing page, which then funneled all of those visitors back to their website to become leads.

                      3. Use postcards as handouts. This is one significant advantage that postcards hold over any digital media: it’s an offer that you can physically hand off to someone!

                      One of our many real estate customers got to feeling like he had prospected as much as was possible and that he was all out of the “Glen Garry” leads for this year. Not so. In a fit of genius, he took his list of past clients (which he typically sends birthday cards to) and he created a postcard thanking them for their business and offering that if they passed his postcard along to a friend who then became a qualified lead for him, he’d pay for their weekend at a cabin the mountains (at a place his family owns and never uses).

                      The results? His cabin got booked up for the entire summer and he had to find another place to send people. With the right postcard offer and an attractive reward, you can drum up an extraordinary amount of business in what otherwise seemed like a dry pond. (And, as of this posting one of those leads has closed, paying for the campaign thousands of times over! How’s that for ROI?)

                      So, you’ve seen what they can do. What’s your creative play?

                      Or, maybe you have something that blows these out of the water? Either way, share it! Get that campaign out there into the world and head straight to our web-to-print platform and either upload your own designs or choose from hundreds of best-practice designed templates. Or, if you want to talk to just an all-around helpful person, call ProspectsPLUS! today at 1-877-222-6010!

                      Having trouble targeting your campaigns?

                      If you could use some help putting all of the pieces together including figuring out who to send them to, Opportunity Knocks is a ProspectsPLUS! sister company that specializes in taking you from “interested” to “expert marketer” in no time.  Call today 866-319-7109!